Return Policy

DroxZ Services has a 15 day return policy. Items must be included in their original packaging (including wrap) with the original contents. It must show no wear and tear. You will have to fill out a RETURN REQUEST. The request can be denied based on several factors. We do not take returns/refunds for products that are unsatisfying. Customers are responsible for the products they chose to purchase and should read all of the product's information located on the product's page.
These Products Are Not Eligible for Returns

  • Any product that shows user error or damage
How to Make a Return Request
1. Go to our contact page
2. Click on the boxs and fill in your information.
4. Fill in the message box with your request. Please be detailed as possible as all returns are subject to be approved or denied based on criteria.
If approved, the customer is responsible for returning the product to us. (This may not apply for certain issues).